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The parameters of our SEEM standard:

Socio ecological

Execution of raw material extraction according to European environmental standards and emission values ​​for noise, soil, water and air

Planning and execution of the rehabilitation of the landscape accompanying the dismantling

Creation and expansion of the outer dumps as potential, irrigable agricultural areas

Close-to-nature expansion of small bodies of water with drainage systems for water supply and field irrigation

Sowing crops on the dumped land and creating fish ponds in some of the water catchments

Redesign of the remaining mining area after the extraction of raw materials into a new usable area. (Nature use, agricultural land, residential buildings)

Construction of drinking and sewage pipes, underground power lines and village streets

Recruitment of workers for raw material extraction, preferably from neighboring villages

Qualification of workers as construction machinists

Establishment of half-day jobs for women in the process processing plants

Establishment and establishment of schools for the education of children

Coupling occupational health care with that of the villages

Significant and sustainable improvement in the quality of life of the people living there


Mining of small and medium-sized deposits with relatively high ore contents

Investment volume from EUR 1.8 million to EUR 20 million per production unit

Very low depth of the deposits enables cost-saving surface mining

Certified expert opinion on the yield value of the deposits after 6 months at the latest

Production and sales after 12 months at the latest

Real-time generation of cash flow

All-in-costs significantly below the industry average

Profitability up to a gold price of EUR 730 per ounce