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Interview of raw materials news with the CEO and CTO of Global Mining.

We have gold jewelry or gold bars. Without gold z. B. Applications in medicine or computers and smartphones are also unthinkable. But have we ever thought about the conditions under which this gold was mined?

The working and income conditions of the impoverished, local population in the extraction of raw materials force not only men, but above all women and children, to secure their livelihood. And: after the exploitation of the deposits, there is only a destroyed biotope.

We at Global Mining Investments have therefore made it our task to finance another type of raw material extraction: the social-ecological-economic raw material extraction. But what is that?

Sustainable appreciation of people and the environment combined with high economic efficiency.

For this we have developed a new standard and defined fixed parameters for implementation: SEEM (socio-ecological-economic mining). These parameters are consistently and sustainably implemented in our fair.gold project.